One-Click Test

Request Permissions
If you’re seeing this message, we’ll need permission to test your audio and video. Please click “Request Permissions” and Allow permission to use your camera and microphone.

Test your video
How does your video look? If you see an image, but do not see yourself, something may be covering your camera or it may need to be repositioned. You can also try changing the selected camera. Do you see a video of yourself?

Test your audio
Record an audio clip and play it back to check that your microphone and speakers are working. Do you see the “Mic Volume” moving after pressing “Record”? Are you able to “Playback” the sound you just recorded? If you’re having trouble with either of these, first make sure the volume is turned up. You can also try changing the selected Speakers or Microphone, or check your bluetooth settings. Do you hear the recording?

Test results
Based on your device test, here is the list of devices that we will use for your video conference call.